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Machine Learning & Election Campaigns

Ria Baldevia Booz Allen Hamilton

Audience level: Novice
Topic area: Misc


South Korean company Fount AI's introduction of a political info chat bot, Rose, on KakaoTalk messenger indicates machine learning may play a significant role in future elections.



Major South Korean technology companies are engaged in a race to dominate the artificial intelligence arena and leverage the current electoral landscape to launch AI products. For example, South Korean company Fount AI launched a political chat bot, Rose, on KakaoTalk (KT) messenger to answer any election questions KT users may have. It already has over 50 million users across the globe. This presentation explores the potential of predictive modeling and machine learning in the political narrative and gaining interactional insights of constituents’ satisfaction of campaign messaging. There are many opportunities to leverage data sets in order to automate election information (i.e., ratings, news or pledges) and voting assistance processes. The implementation of Rose is an international testament to the emergence of machine learning in the political domain and its trajectory in providing actionable data intelligence to political and electoral discourse.