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Is a Number Worth a Thousand Words?

Anne-Marie Currie Advisory Board

Audience level: Novice
Topic area: Misc


Is a number worth a thousand words?

Inspiration for this talk comes from Net Promoter Survey data and the drive to create a better Net Promoter System for a specific business context. This talk will focus on the Net Promoter Scores and examine a few ways to enhance the insights gained by building a context-rich Net Promoter System.


Is a number worth a thousand words?

Identifying techniques to effectively target and reach out to consumers in sincere and meaningful ways at scale is critical to growing a business. In this talk, we highlight some best practices Net Promoter Systems should follow and introduce you to the value of going beyond the score to focus on the voices and words of customers revealed within the Net Promoter Surveys. We will walk through examples of how unstructured text can lead to a more robust Net Promoter System that will enhance product quality, customer loyalty, and quality service. Text analytics can provide a way to gather meaning, provide direction, predict a trend, and prescribe targeted actions beyond what a single number can provide.